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The New York Times bestselling novel about a father suddenly confounded by his son, his work, and his place in the world.

“With suspense worthy of Hitchcock . . . Grodstein is a terrific storyteller.” ―The New York Times Book Review

"The moving, complex, beautifully written story of a good man who's slowly losing his grip on his life and his family, A Friend of the Family unfolds with unerring precision." ―Kate Christensen, author of Trouble

“The novel is spot-on in its depiction of affection and jealousy among longtime friends; boozy suburban bashes; unrequited love; and adjusting to middle age . . . A Friend of the Family beautifully captures the ever-striving angst of parents who will take any step to ensure their children's lives are easier or better. Parents sweating through a teen's college applications would do well to spend some time with Dr. Pete.” ―USA Today​

“Grodstein’s harsh, honest prose makes this haunting tale worthwhile.” ―People

"Stunning . . . She has written a novel that will leave her readers sitting up, sifting the evidence in the dead of night." ―The Boston Globe

“Absorbing . . . an incisive diagnosis of aspirational America . . . What Grodstein captures so strikingly is the anxiety of a father's love, that aching affection . .Horrifyingly plausible and deeply poignant, A Friend of the Family will leave you shaken and chastened―and grateful for the warning.” ―Washington Post

“Gripping . . . [Grodstein] has succeeded in shattering the image of surburban happiness.” --Chicago Tribune

"Involving at every level: character, plot, language. one of the more complicated portraits of a father’s love for his son we’ve ever read . . . highly recommended.”--McSweeney's

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