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July 8 - 12 2024

Have you written a novel and aren't sure what to do with it? Do you find the whole publishing process overwhelming? Need a week to focus on finishing your novel, among experts and peers, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? 

For almost twenty years, Lauren has been teaching creative writing in Paris, helping writers like you figure out how to solve their manuscript problems.  With the help of visiting publishing pros, Lauren will guide you through finding an agent, the differences between major publishers and independents, and the various ways you can market your work.  

You'll leave Paris with a clear idea of how to take your novel out into the world and a new contact list full of professionals, mentors, and friends.

"Lauren is an absolute joy to study with: smart, funny, engaging, kind. Not only did she help me grow and mature as a writer, she also gave me the tools I needed to accomplish my publishing dreams." - Isaac Blum, National Book Award nominee for The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen


Monday, July 8

  • Plot and pacing

  • Using outlines and beat sheets

  • Discussion with best-selling novelist


Tuesday, July 9

  • Editing and streamlining your manuscript

  • Novel potholes and how to escape them

  • How to keep your readers turning pages

  • The two-sentence pitch

  • Discussion with literary agent


Wednesday, July 10                

  • The conventions of the novel: how and when to break the rules

  • Workshopping the query letter

  • What editors look for in a manuscript

  • Discussion with Big Five editor


Thursday, July 11

  • Self-publishing vs. independent publishing vs. Big Five publishing

  • What the publishing landscape currently looks like

  • Different ways to build a career

  • Discussion with indie publicist


Friday, July 12

  • Maintaining the writing life

  • Residencies/ conferences/ MFA programs/ literary magazines

  • Making more money writing

Included in the tuition is a personalized manuscript consultation: Lauren will read your work in progress (or completed manuscript) and help you figure out what you need to get it ready for submission.  Together, you'll do it all: edit the query letter, strategize on submissions, and make sure the manuscript is in shape to get out the door!



How much does it cost?

Before 4/15/24: $2500
After 4/15/24: $3000


What's included?

Tuition covers classes and a personalized manuscript consultation. Housing and transportation are not included, but Lauren is happy to help you find affordable and convenient places to stay.


Class size?

Limited to 18 participants.

Where will classes be located?

In a workshop space in the 11th


How do I apply?

Fill out this form!

Other questions?  

Please contact

"Lauren Grodstein changed how I see writing. Her expertise in craft is rivaled only by her tireless teaching. She'll transform your work -- and, more importantly, how you think about your work." - Anise Vance, Center for Fiction Prize nominee for Hush Harbor 


The gorgeous class of 2022

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