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The Washington Post Book of the Year about a grieving professor's search for belief.

“A well-crafted story of wayward souls searching for forgiveness,  healing and personal truth.” ―Family Circle

“Grodstein handles everything with a subtle wit, managing to skewer both  the ultraconservative and the ultraliberal without making either seem  absolutely wrong . . . Reminiscent of Carolyn Parkhurst’s Dogs of Babel.” ―Booklist

“Finding or losing God proves to be an equally destabilizing tectonic shift,  and this novel is full of them . . . Their cumulative force will leave you  happily unsteady, and moved.” ―The Washington Post

“A master storyteller . . . Tackles the tough topics: healing after loss, the relevance and possibility of the  divine in our lives, the gilded shackles of academic life, and life in Southern New Jersey―all while always being terrifically entertaining.” ―*Ben Schrank, author of Love Is a Canoe

“Engrossing . . . You’ll likely close the book with a new perspective on faith, justice, mercy, and the difficulty of holding a moral high ground.” ―Bust

“A novel of ideas and a deeply felt story of love, loss, hope, and the healing powers  of forgiveness . . . A provocative, moving story, and a beautifully written one.” ―Dani Shapiro, author of Devotion

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